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The Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute is proud to announce the launch of the Skin Type Solutions System! Taking only a few minutes, the Skin Type Solutions Questionnaire allows our staff to accurately determine your Baumann Skin Type, and recommend a customized skincare regimen that's been proven to work for your unique skin!

The assessment is based on the eight Baumann Skin Type® parameters, which are:

Dry (D) or Oily (O)

How much moisture your skin retains and how much oil is produced determine its overall hydration status. Pore size and the tendency toward clogged pores also relates to oil production and moisture retention.

Sensitive (S) or Resistant (R)

Sensitive skin is more prone to burning, acne, and frequent rashes or stinging. Skin that is resistant will only rarely become inflamed, and may require stronger ingredients in skin care products.

Pigmented (P) or Non-pigmented (N)

This parameter is set on its own, not related to ethnicity. Pigmented skin may more easily become discolored, whereas non-pigmented skin remains more consistent in terms of coloring.

Wrinkle-prone (W) or Tight (T)

Skin that is prone to wrinkles requires specific ingredients to offset the aging process. Those with tight skin, such as teens, have different requirements.

These eight basic parameters yield 16 distinct skin types, and give us the ability to precisely determine your skin's needs now, next year, and for your lifetime.

Our team offers expert care with the latest in skincare technology

Optimizing your skin is not an easy task. On your own, you may not know exactly which ingredients in which products will produce the desired results. The proper formulations are vital to the health and appearance of your skin. The team at Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute has completed advanced skin-type training so we can provide you with the highest standard of personalized care. Using the Skin Type Solutions System, we have access to the latest information and methodology, and we are excited to be a reliable source for your skincare needs.

The physicians in our Lansdale and Fort Washington, PA offices are happy to customize a skincare regimen based on your exact skin type. Contact us today to schedule your assessment!
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