Dr. Aradhna Saxena doing sclerotherapy for Spider veins Lansdale, PA Though the legs may not be the most visible part of the body, we understand that you want to feel comfortable in the clothing of your choice. Many people wear long pants as a measure to hide troublesome spider veins from the world.

Spider veins are more commonly seen in women, though some men may also notice small clusters of blue, purple, and red veins. The man who develops spider veins, however, may not feel embarrassment due to their appearance being somewhat hidden by leg hair.

Women in their forties and beyond may notice spider veins on areas such as the ankles and legs, though women in their twenties are not immune to this problem. Spider veins can develop for a number of reasons:
  • Genetics
  • Fluctuating hormones
  • Fluctuating weight
  • Pregnancy
  • Work or lifestyle habits in which standing or sitting for extended periods is involved

Treat spider veins in our Lansdale or Fort Washington office

The Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute offers two proven treatments for the elimination of unattractive spider veins. Dr. Saxena has completed extensive training and has years of experience performing sclerotherapy, one of the most longstanding procedures for spider veins.

The sclerotherapy procedure is minimally invasive, delivering a special formulation of medication into problematic veins, resulting in their collapse. The collapse of veins leads to their subsequent fading without harming healthy tissues.

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