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Rating : 5
Patricia M.

Dr Amy was amazing. He bedside manner eased my anxiety of the procedure I had done. She even introduced herself simply as Amy. She answered every question I had and didn't make me feel stupid for asking or like I was wasting her time.

In this age of fast paced, numbers based, eye on the money, medical care, it is heartening to encounter a person a kind and caring as Dr. Amy.

Angel, the nurse, was equally friendly and helpful!
Rating : 5
Patricia M.

A wonderful friend recommended your practice to me, and I will be grateful for the rest of my life! Both Dr. Kasper and Dr. Saxena are competent, professional, friendly, intelligent and prompt in keeping to appointment times. I have sent several friends and am about to send another - the entire atmosphere is designed to make you feel at home. I feel totally confident that I am getting the proper treatment for various issues by staff who make me feel that I am the only one who matters at the time they are dealing with me. I feel very fortunate to be a patient of this practice and will continue to sing their praises to anyone who will listen! They are the best, most caring doctors I have ever met. They listen, they solve problems - in short, they care about their patients and treat us all like family.
Rating : 5

Dr Casper was great. The staff was very nice and knew what they were doing my appointment was for 8:15am and I was seen at 8:10.i strongly recommend this office to others.
Rating : 5
Grace D.

I have been going to see Dr. Kasper for several months and must say that he is an excellent physician both in the sense of medical knowledge and expertise in addition to people skills and situational sensitivity. He has always been professional and personable during follow up appointments and provides sound, educated opinions without being condescending or judgmental. I would gladly travel any distance necessary to see such a fantastic doctor.
Rating : 5
Phyllis G.

Dr. Kasper is the ideal doctor, knowledgeable and eager to answer any question, in a way that is understandable and not at all demeaning. The office staff is friendly and helpful and I have never waited more than 5 minutes before seeing the doctor? Thanks
Rating : 5
Janet T.

Dr. Kasper is a competent and compassionate physician. I have confidence is his skills to detect problems and treat them. The information that his office provides via print and email are very helpful. I plan to make an appointment soon to discuss the various cosmetic options available. I would recommend this practice to anyone!
Rating : 5
E.F. G.

Following a diagnosis by Doctor Batta, of East Norriton, PA, I was directed to your Institute for removal of a diseased mole. In late September 2017, Doctor Saxena removed the mole and closed the area with stitches. On Thursday, October 5, the stitches were removed.

The purpose of this note is to acknowledge that in my opinion, the entire procedure at your Institute was done in a most professional manner, and to my complete satisfaction. All members of your staff are to be commended.
Rating : 5
Amy T.

I tried this practice after asking for recommendations on Facebook and getting multiple suggestions to try this office. I waited less than 3 minutes in the waiting room, had a thorough exam that answered all my questions (1st time to the dermatologist) and was given great recommendations for skincare moving forward. Great experience!
Rating : 5
Edwin W.

I came in to see Dr. Kasper on 6/21/17; I came with questions - - and left with the answers I was seeking. Not only is Dr. Kasper extremely knowledgeable, he is also very professional and personable. To me, that's the winning combination that keeps me coming back! I highly recommend Dr. Kasper.
Rating : 5
Anita G.

Amy Hahn P.A. put all my fears to rest and assured me that the odd skin condition I have is nothing harmful. She even disclosed to me that she has the same condition. By her candid, thorough and honest explanation of my condition I am no longer worried about this skin abnormality. I would refer all my family and friends to this office! The entire staff works in unison, and it feels very comfortable and casual in the office. Scheduling is a breeze and the staff tries hard to accommodate schedules. I was thrilled with my first visit. Then I discovered a friend already goes to the same office and has been thrilled with her care there as well. I'm in good hands and now I'm much more content about my condition.
Rating : 5
Rodd S.

Dr. Kasper's very professional yet laid back approach made me feel relaxed during the procedure. He and his assistant Mary Kay were compassionate, thorough and truly practice medicine the way it should be. My hats off to them !
Rating : 5
Christine | 01 June 2016

I've seen both docs at different times and was impressed by their professionalism and expertise. Dr. Saxena is calm and confident and puts her patients at ease. Dr. Kasper is very knowledgeable and has a good sense of humor. The entire staff is friendly and I was in and out on time!
Rating : 5
Carly | 10 May 2016

I was recommended to Dr. Kasper by a friend. My initial visit with Dr. Kasper was very pleasant...He took his time educating me and answering all of my questions/concerns. The entire staff was very friendly and welcoming. I will look forward to coming back :)
Rating : 5
Georgeanne O. | 31 March 2016

I had both my son and daughter see Dr. Kasper with cystic acne. We started them both on the Accutane medicine and the results are wonderful. It is what some people call a miracle drug. Their skin looks fabulous! Dr Kasper and his staff are so easy to talk to and have been wonderful through the whole process.

Thank you so much for helping my children, I think their self-esteem has grown since finishing the medicine!
Rating : 5
Bruce H. | 09 February 2016

Dr Kasper and Dr Saxena are the BEST!!!!!
Rating : 4
Irving | 12 January 2016

I am now relatively itch-free after suffering severe itching since the beginning of December. It was very easy to get an appointment once the holidays were over; in fact the scheduler reacted to my plea for an appointment, changing me from late in the same day to almost immediately. I appreciated that. However, the appointments were very cursory and rapid. Stick to a schedule above all else. I would still recommend this practice to friends.
Rating : 5
Emily J. | 31 December 2015

Had a very good experience today. Practically no wait time in the waiting room. Dr. Kasper was very professional but also has a very refreshing sense of humor which puts one at ease right away. Thanks for a very comfortable and positive experience.
Rating : 5
Colleen A. | November 2015

I was very anxious after getting the diagnosis of skin cancer on my forehead but everyone from the receptionist to the doctor did everything they could to make me feel comfortable. They explained the process fully before my appointment. They walked me through everything they were doing. The scar is minimal. If I ever need any further surgery, I will not hesitate to call them and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a surgeon.
Rating : 5
Mitzi B. | October 2015

I am very pleased with the total experience offered to my spouse, Herb . . A most caring doctor and staff. I have recommended Dr. Saxena's practice to a neighbor. We are very happy that we used this facility even though it was a drive to get there.
Rating : 5
Beryl G. | October 2015

Appreciated getting two biopsies on scary areas. Also liked explanations about what to do in future including advice on best skin creams for my skin.
Rating : 5
Jenna L. | October 2015

Got an appointment almost right away. Dr. Kasper was very friendly and helpful. Luckily I didn't have any issues, but I'll be going back for my yearly checks for sure.
Rating : 5
Walter L. | October 2015

Had surgery on 10/13.Everyone on staff was helpful and friendly. Got all the post-op info I needed All was prompt I was in at 9 and out before noon.
Rating : 5
Yuri B. | October 2015

Convenient location, nice facility, timely appointments.
Rating : 5
Tony A. | 10 November 2015

Dr. Kasper is truly a great Doctor. He takes the time to answer your questions and explain things to you. He takes your concerns seriously and makes you feel comfortable when listening and responding to them. I usually don't take the time to submit a review on anything, so he must be this good since I took the time to send one in. Keep up the good work Dr. Kasper!
Rating : 5
Mary M. | October 19, 2015

The caring attitude of this practice starts as soon as you walk in the door. Marian is helpful thoughtful and "goes the extra mile" to answer questions and resolve problems.

Drs. Saxena and Kasper provide excellent care, as do the technicians who work with them.
I recommend this practice for a variety of reasons!."
Rating : 5
Don C. | October 19, 2015

The Kasper Group is as efficient and professional as any anywhere. They are courteous, responsive, proactive and timely.
There is an obvious respect and caring for the patient and complete professionality from the assistants to Dr. Kasper himself. Surgical procedures are performed with great expertise and the results for me have been excellent. They have solved existing skin problems and identified others so as to prevent future occurrences. I would highly recommend Dr. Kasper and his associates to anyone.
Rating : 5
Jennifer | August 3, 2015

Amy Hahn is a sheer delight! She is very professional, thorough, and friendly.
Rating : 5
Cindy B. | July 23, 2015

I brought my son here for some acne. Staff was very friendly & professional. I later went in for some skin treatment for myself!
Rating : 5
Robert J. | July 20, 2015

Thanks for all your help!
Rating : 5
Lauren K. | July 09, 2015

I went to Dr. Kasper about 7 mos as a new patient to evaluate a possible lesion on my nose that my previous dermatologist thought i needed a bippsy on. After a terrible experience with my previous dermatologist I knew i needed to find someone new. I went to Dr. K my husband joined me and we are I both switching offices. Not only Dr. K incredibly kind but so honest and knowable as well. I felt so good leaving that appointment and knew i was in great hands. So glad I found this place!
Rating : 5
Bonnie | August 20, 2014

Hands down best doctor and staff ever! This is a long overdue review. I am a customer service geek so to speak! When I tell you the service here is all around amazing, I don't take or say those type of things lightly. Doc Kasper is one of a KIND! Many family and friends now see him and we keep on referring every chance we get! I'll tell you my personal story! Over a year ago my teenage daughter was going through a trying time! Her primary doctor recommended I give doctor Kasper a heads up before our visit with him but I never got the chance to do so but...
I am happy to report I didn't need to either! Doctor Kasper says all the right things to my daughter (all the things I would have wanted if I did write him in advance). This doctor made a difference and will make a difference in your life too! My daughter was treated with accutane with great results! In addition to the doctor, Kristin provided great hand holding throughout the process! People like this are a blessing!
Rating : 5
Kristina T. | August 15, 2014

I moved to the area not too long ago and needed to find a Dermatologist. I found Dermatology & Skin Cancer Institute online and found the location to be very convenient. I was impressed by the fact that I was able to book an appointment online (there were many available days/times), fill out the necessary paperwork and information with no hassle prior to my appointment. I loved this advanced technology by the practice! After my visit for an annual skin screening I must say that I am so incredibly pleased with the professionalism displayed by the staff and Dr. Kasper. The wait time was less than 10 minutes which was nice. Dr. Kasper expressed great bedside manner, is very knowledgeable, took the time to explain everything and answered all of my questions thoroughly (I didn't feel rushed at all). I believe that he truly exemplifies what it means to be a great physician and would definitely recommend him to anyone! I don't normally leave reviews, but I wanted to share the great experience I had there. Coming from a family of physicians, I appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice it takes to become a doctor. Often times, they don't get enough credit for all that they do! So thank you!
Rating : 5
Christina Z. | July 10, 2014

I was recommended to Dr. Kasper by a friend. I had,had a very bad experience with two other dermatologists,. Dr Kasper did a biopsy when it came back it was not good and he recommended Dr. Kauh in Jefferson Hospital, Dr Kasper asked me to take a PPD test before I saw Dr. Kauh that test also was not good, I went through a series of testing and am now on multiple antibiotics .Thanks to Dr. Kasper he did not just guess what was my problem he sent me to the best. I will be ever grateful to Dr. Kasper. He has saved my life. God Bless him.
I have told other people about him and Will highly recommend him in the future.
Rating : 5
Julianne W. | March 31, 2014

Dr. Kasper was referred to me by my new primary doctor, Dr. Leary. I have had 2 visits with Dr. Kasper, the last one was two puncture biopsies on my leg.
Dr. Kasper has a great bedside manner, is genuinely concerned about his patients and makes you feel very comfortable. The entire office staff is very
welcoming too.
Rating : 5
Joseph Z. | August 29, 2013

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kasper. I arrived at his office with a severe skin problem. His immediate concern was evident. He took immediate and strong measures in diagnosing my problem finding a way to handle it get me on medication and work with other doctors to treat me. The professionalism concern and fast action was beyond expectations. He even made phone calls to me to follow up on the action. Dr. Kasper is a true medical person and I would recommend him to everyone.
Rating : 5
Dick L. | January 30, 2013

You clearly sense the pursuit of excellence by the office and medical staffs.
The medical work and interest in the patient's perspective and concerns by Dr.'s Kasper and Saxena were superb.
And you feel quite comfortable.
Rating : 5
Christine | December 9, 2012

I found your office online and decided to take a chance as your location was convenient for me. I didn't expect to have such a wonderful experience. The staff who scheduled my appointment was very friendly and helpful. As a rule, I bring several things to read when I have a doctor's appointment. I have waited less than 5 minutes in the waiting room -consistently and never had the opportunity to read or do work! Thank you for valuing my time as much as yours. The most unexpected surprise was Dr. Kasper. He was friendly, thorough and patient. I even asked him about a skin issue with my small son and Dr. Kasper saw him the same day. I would recommend Dr. Kasper to everyone.

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