MOHS an efficient treatment for various types of skin cancer

Dr Saxena doing treatment for various types of skin cancer

A diagnosis of skin cancer can no doubt feel devastating. Skin cancers are, however, the most common of all cancer diagnoses. Skin cancers are also some of the most straightforward in terms of treatment. Due to the fact that skin cancer is visible, early detection is a very real possibility, especially in individuals who perform routine skin cancer exams at home. The team at the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute encourages patients to schedule an examination right away if an unusual growth appears or an existing mole changes in any way. Early diagnosis puts you on the fast-track to efficient treatment.

Mohs micrographic surgery for skin cancer

Patients of the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute in Montgomery County may have the option of skin cancer removal with Mohs micrographic surgical technique. This precision procedure may be ideal for those diagnosed with skin cancer in a visible area of the face or body, such as the ear, cheek, or nose.

Mohs is a technique that was developed over fifty years ago by Dr. Frederic Mohs. As the surgical procedure advanced, surgeons gained a greater ability to excise substantial amounts of diseased tissue while better preserving healthy tissue.

Skin cancer often appears as though it sits on the surface of skin. Many lesions, however, have “roots” that may extend into deeper tissues. Mohs removes cancerous cells in small layers rather than in a large section. The removal of one layer at a time has been shown extremely successful in the elimination of shallow and deep skin cancers.

Why Mohs

Patients choose Mohs micrographic surgery for a few significant benefits. Mohs is extremely successful; the technique with the highest cure rate at various depths. Additionally, the conservative removal of tissue is less likely to cause noticeable scars.

We understand the stress and fear you may feel at the mere prospect of having skin cancer. Dr. Saxena is proud to offer her patients the greatest extent of care that combines the utmost compassion with leading skin cancer technologies. Learn more about Mohs and schedule your skin cancer screening by calling our Lansdale or Fort Washington office.


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