Chemical peels in Montgomery County, PA helping Fort Washington, PA patients feel their best

Chemical peels in Montgomery County, MD helping Fort Washington

Patients of Dr. Kasper at the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute find that the care they receive is tailored specifically to their concerns and the goals they have for the appearance of their skin. Many of the common issues faced by men and women of all ages can be addressed with chemical peel treatment. Chemical peels are a great way for us to achieve consistent results in our Montgomery County, PA dermatology practice. If you live in the Lansdale, PA or Fort Washington, PA area, we invite you to learn more about our chemical peels services.

A chemical peel is a customized form of light skin resurfacing. The manual exfoliation of the top layer of skin takes place in our office via the application of a precisely formulated serum. When left on the skin for a predetermined period of time, only a few minutes, this serum causes dead and damaged cells that lie on the surface to slough off over the course of several days.

Issues that our patients may address with chemical peel treatment include:

  • Acne and acne scars
  • Sun spots, liver spots, and age spots
  • Sun damage
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Rough texture
  • Freckles
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

The results achieved through treatment vary from person to person based on the chosen strength of peel. A peel may range from light to deep in nature and will be designed around the patient’s desired goals as well as his or her need for comfort and preferences for recovery. A lighter peel will achieve subtle results and may take several treatments to address larger concerns. This type of treatment, however, typically produces very little side effects like peeling and so allows the patient to resume normal activities right away. A deeper peel will achieve more dramatic results but will cause the skin to look red and to peel for at least a few days, potentially requiring the patient to spend a few days away from work or other activities. Dr. Kasper and our aesthetician address the details of individualized treatments with each patient and work around patient schedules and preferences.

The overall process of rejuvenating the skin with customized chemical peel treatment is very simple. At the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute, excellence is achieved through personal attention. Contact us in Lansdale or Fort Washington to schedule your consultation.


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