Patients benefit from personalized dermatology and acne skin care in Lansdale, PA

benefit from personalized dermatology

Acne is a skin concern that many people consider a teenage concern. We have seen time and time again, however, men and women far past their teen years struggle with persistent breakouts. Women, especially, may find that they must find ways to manage skin health due to the link between acne and hormonal fluctuations. Since a woman may be affected by oral contraceptives or other hormone-regulating medication, pregnancy, menopause, and even her monthly cycle, there may be a greater need for the Montgomery County patient to seek personalized dermatology treatment & acne skin care from her Lansdale, PA dermatologist.

Dr. Kasper and his team have a great deal of experience in the treatment of acne and management of skin health. We understand that acne is more than a physical concern. The effects of breakouts can be devastating for the patient of any age. Due to difficulty in disguising bumps and marks on the skin, acne may cause a person to become very self-conscious. Severe cases of acne have the potential to cause depression and isolation, making suitable treatment vitally important for overall wellbeing. At the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute, our team assists patients of all ages in clearing active acne and preventing future inflammation as well as scarring.

Treating acne properly

Typically, the person afflicted with acne will visit the nearest retail store and purchase the most promising acne wash or ointment. In some cases, over-the-counter acne medications prove effective at ending an active breakout. Unfortunately, commercial products are ineffective for a large majority of acne-sufferers. At worst, such products can dry already irritated skin and increase inflammation.

Skin is not “one-size-fits-all.” Every person is different with unique characteristics. For that reason, acne treatment should be tailored to the individual. Where one person may find relief with a topical medication, another may need oral medication and light treatments to regain better skin health. Patients of Dr. Kasper find that they can achieve better results in a shorter period of time when they receive treatment that is designed just for their skin.

Your confidence does not have to be knocked down by acne. Regain healthier, more attractive skin with personal care from an experienced Pennsylvania dermatologist. Call the Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute office for your consultation today.


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