Collagen Induction Therapy with PRP treatment in Lansdale, PA can rejuvenate the skin

Dr Saxena Induction Therapy with PRP treatment in Lansdale

Did you know that you can actually treat issues such as dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines and wrinkles with a product that is created by your own body? Collagen Induction therapy with Platelet Rich Plasma (CIT-PRP) skin rejuvenation is a natural way to help stimulate collagen regeneration which can tighten and smooth the skin. PRP can help fill in wrinkles, improve texture and tone, and take years off of your appearance.

How CIT-PRP treatment became popular

PRP treatment has been used for a long time in orthopedic medicine and as a way to treat injuries. After decades of studies proving the success of PRP in collagen growth, the benefits of PRP are now being applied to cosmetic skin rejuvenation.

CIT-PRP is safe for most areas of the body, making it extremely versatile and effective at rejuvenating the skin. Collagen Induction therapy keeps the uppermost skin layer intact while allowing the doctor to infuse the skin with PRP with minimal downtime. CIT-PRP has minimal risk of scarring and infection and no risk of skin pigmentation changes.

How CIT-PRP treatment works

With CIT-PRP treatment, a small amount of blood is drawn and placed into a sterile tube that then goes through a centrifugation process to separate the platelets from the plasma. Platelets play an important role in blood clotting and the growth of new cells. The skin is prepared with a topical anesthetic and a microneedling pen is used to create micro-channels in the skin. The PRP is then applied topically and injected back into targeted areas of the skin to act as a matrix to repair tissue and encourage collagen growth.

For skin rejuvenation, most patients require three treatments of CIT-PRP spaced about a month apart. Early results may be visible within a week of the first treatment session, but most results will gradually improve over a period of several months. Results can be maintained and improved over time with maintenance treatments, usually one every 6 months.

Side effects from CIT-PRP can include swelling, pinkness, or even slight bruising near the injection site. These usually go away within a few days. There is no downtime with PRP. The entire procedure can be completed in one quick office visit and you are free to go on with your day afterward.

CIT- PRP treatment can also be used in conjunction with dermal fillers to complete a full facial rejuvenation. If you are in Lansdale, PA and would like more information on this revolutionary method of fighting the visible signs of aging, call our office today.

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